About ODIN

The ODIN project aims to accelerate and coordinate the work necessary to create a unified market within the mobility sector in the Nordics.

The work started as a project coordinated by RISE ICT Viktoria (Research Institutes of Sweden) funded by the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Innovation Agency.

Current members include Danish Traffic-, Housing- and Construction Agency, EnturHSL, LMJ, Norwegian Railway Directorate, Rejseplanen, Samtrafiken, SFMCon, Swedish Transport Admininstration, Traficom and Fintraffic.

The work is since 2022 funded by Samtrafiken i Sverige AB, the Swedish Transport Administration, Fintraffic OY, Helsinki Regional Transport, Entur AS and the Norwegian Railway Directorate.

For more information about ODIN, please contact Daniel Rudmark or Elias Arnestrand, ODIN Coordinators