About ODIN Project

The ODIN project aims to accelerate and coordinate the work necessary to create a unified market within the mobility sector in the Nordics. The project is coordinated by RISE ICT Viktoria (Research Institutes of Sweden) and funded by the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Innovation Agency.

Activities for 2019

Based on the position paper, ODIN will focus on the following activities in 2019:

  1. Creating a Nordic NeTEx profile
  2. OpenStreetMap and promoting a Nordic Stop Registry
    • Consolidating and increase collaboration with and use of OpenStreetMap
    • Implement the Stop Registry in other interested countries
  3. Developer communication
    • Start by connecting the internal dev teams and invite external developers to join in
  4. OpenTripPlanner and Open Journey Planner
    • Participation in the OTP Summit in April
    • Keep the Nordic Journey Planner updated with fresh datasets