Position Paper

In this paper, we signal our joint ambitions to actors involved in the creation of smart mobility services. We do so by highlighting six prioritised areas for strengthened cooperation within the Nordics. In terms of establishing a digital infrastructure, we argue that these areas are the ones most relevant to create a vibrant Nordic ecosystem in the field of future mobility. By tackling these areas, we have the opportunity to establish a world-leading region in smart mobility.

The focus areas support the Nordic approach to smart mobility by creating opportunities for cooperation, pushing openness and thereby enabling the Nordics as a living lab for new innovative mobility services.


In this paper we address the following areas, that would benefit from increased cooperation and harmonization:

  1. Datasets and Services
  2. Licenses and Terms
  3. Standards and Formats
  4. Leveraging EU regulations
  5. Shared Technology and Open Source
  6. Outreach and developer communication

In each area, we describe the desired position for the Nordics, current challenges and necessary actions to reach the desired position. We will start to address these necessary actions in the joint project Open Mobility Data in the Nordics (ODIN).

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