Below are Nordic open datasets and services from ODIN's members. We hope they will be used to develop mobility services, conduct research, design data visualizations, and more. In addition, we also invite developers to explore each country's National Access Point  (NAP), a metadata catalogue for mobility data. To learn more about NAPs, consult the following whitepaper

DatasetCountryDescriptionPublisherData formatLicenseLink
GTFS SwedenSweden

Contains all planned public transportation throughout Sweden. 

With this API, you can download files with the planned public transport in Sweden. The information published by the API from Samtrafiken in Sweden AB. Samtrafiken is responsible for collecting information on scheduled public transport (timetables) for all public transport carried out in Sweden. This is collected in a joint traffic system called GTI.

The commission is governed by a directive from the Swedish Transport Agency and is a consequence of the legislation that came into force in early 2012 for public transport in Sweden.

SamtrafikenGTFSCC0CC0 Sverige
Public transport register open data - EstoniaEstonia

The open data of the public transport register consists of an outtake of data entered in the national public transport register with data content with a simplified structure, including descriptions, timetables and the locations of stops of domestic public transport routes.

Public transport network & timetablesFinland

Data from HSL's public transport register is derived into GTFS-format every day. This data collection includes all routes that have a valid timetable. The collection includes data three months onwards from the moment the collection was generated. 


Public transport network & timetables
GTFS Regional (beta)Sweden

With these APIs, you can download files with the planned public transport, disturbance information and arrival and departure forecasts

For the planned traffic is data for:

  • SL
  • UL
  • Östgötatrafiken
  • Västtrafik
  • Skånetrafiken

For disturbance information and arrival / departure predictions are data for:

  • SL
  • UL
  • Östgötatrafiken
  • Skånetrafiken

GTFS Regional (beta)
Route and Stop location dataNorway

Updated data sets from all parties running public transport in Norway, published on regular basis.


Route and Stop location data
NeTEx Regional Static data (beta)Sweden

With these APIs you can download NeTEx files for planned public transport. Currently, data exist from: SL (Stockholm county), UL (Uppsala county), Östgötatrafiken (Östergötlands county), Västtrafik (Västra götalands county), Skånetrafiken (Skåne county), Kalmar Länstrafik (Kalmar county), Kronobergs Länstrafik (Kronobergs county), Värmlandstrafik och Karlstadsbuss (Värmlands county), Dalatrafik (Dalarnas county), X-trafik (Gävleborgs county), DinTur (Västernorrlands county), SJ (Private operator), Snälltåget (Private operator), Tågab (Private operator)

SamtrafikenNeTEx CC0CC0

Route and Stop location data
Real time dataNorway

Entur works to gather and harmonize all real-time feeds in Norway on the SIRI 2.0 standard. These are available both as standard SIRI XML and as SIRI Lite (REST).


Real-time data
Journey search and stops message boardNorway

Journey searches and message boards are available through a GraphQL API. This is an API that is transmodel-based so that terminology is consistent.


Journey search and stops message board
Geocoder, address and stop searchNorway

Entur's Geocoder API is based on the open source solution Pelias .See official documentation of parameters and data structures here . In addition, some Entur-specific extensions have been made .


Geocoder, address and stop search
Stop registry - stop searchNorway

The national stop register is also available through an open API. This is used primarily to retrieve details of the design of a stopover (basic information such as name, ID, location, etc. is available in the travel search API)

EnturCustom API JSONNLODNLOD registry - stop search
ResRobot - Trip PlannerSweden

Timetables for all of Sweden's public transport. Here one also finds stops based on geographic location or part of the stop/station name.

ResRobot - Search Trip

Our APIs do not include air and road traffic due to copyright reasons. The API supports travel planning both with stop name and coordinates.

SamtrafikenCustom API XML JSONCC0CC0

ResRobot - Trip Planner
ResRobot - Stop TimetablesSweden

Arrival and departure times for stops and stations across Sweden.

For SL (except the subway), Västtrafik, Skånetrafiken and Trafikverket departure information in real time, i.e. based on the current situation in the traffic. All other traffic information based on the planned timetables.

The API is most useful with  ResRobot Travel Planning API.

SamtrafikenCustom API XML JSONCC0CC0

ResRobot - Stop Timetables
Trafikverket open APISweden

Current traffic information from the Traffic Administration of both rail and road traffic.

TrafikverketCustom API XML JSONCC0CC0

Trafikverket open API
Routing APIFinlandItinerary- and timetable-queries via either a GraphQL-API or a REST-interfaceHSLCustom API JSONCC-BYCC-BY
Geocoding APIFinlandPelias REST-interfaceHSLCustom API JSONCC-BYCC-BY
HSL News APIFinlandHSL News API offers access to news and traffic bulletins published on in json-format. Information about cancelled services is available the Journey Planner APIs mentioned above. For example, routing API's disruption-info & realtime API's service-alerts.HSLCustom API JSONCC-BYCC-BY
Park & Ride APIFinlandHSL's Park & Ride information system API provides static and realtime information about Park & Ride in the Helsinki region. The data is maintained by municipalities and operators via a (Finnish) browser-based user interface The data can be viewed by anybody via this website.HSLCustom API JSON GeoJSONCC-BYCC-BY
HSL OpenMaaS APIFinlandHSL OpenMaaS API offers a retail interface for single tickets open to all interested transport operators.HSLTicket API?
Waltti Realtime DataFinlandGTFS-RT for Tampere, Lahti, Joensuu and JyväskyläLMJ/WalttiGTFS-RT CC-BYCC-BY
Rejseplanen APIDenmark

The itinerary has an open API - a ReST based interface.

You can sign up as a partner if you want access to the base URL and the associated XSD schemes. You do this by creating your user here and contacting us to request access.

NB! If you build something for one of the Travel Plans owners, contact the owner in question to gain access by other means.

Rejseplanen Stops RegistryDenmark

The itinerary has an open API - a ReST based interface.

You can sign up as a partner if you want access to the base URL and the associated XSD schemes. You do this by creating your user here and contacting us to request access.

NB! If you build something for one of the Travel Plans owners, contact the owner in question to gain access by other means.

RejseplanenCustom API CSVCC-BY-NDCC-BY-ND
Rejseplanen GTFSDenmark

Stop location data, station data and timetable data (planning data, not real-time data)

This dataset is the basis for route searches with public traffic on Google Maps in Denmark. Data is in GTFS format.

High-frequency positioningFinlandThe open HFP API can be used to subscribe to vehicle movements in soft real time.HSLMQTTCC-BY CC-BY
GTFS national database dumpFinlandGTFS national database dumpGTFSCC-BYCC-BY
GTFS Train Time Tables FinlandFinland

Train information is available in GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) format. The package includes all trains and only includes passenger trains.

The package is generated new every day at about 5:00. It includes all future trains and past trains from the last seven days.

Traffic Management FinlandGTFSCC-BYCC-BY
Waltti Static DataFinlandGTFS for the following cities: Hämeenlinna, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kotka, Kouvola, Kuopio, Lahti,  Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Salo, and Vaasa.LMJ/WalttiGTFSCC-BYCC-BY
Train Real-Time DataFinlandInformation on timetables, locations, configurations, and punctuality information for trains running on the Finnish railway network. The service is owned by Traffic Management Finland and the data source is Traffic Management Finland's railway capacity and traffic control business family applications as well as the passenger information system MIKU.Traffic Management FinlandCustom API JSONCC-BY
Marine Vessel LocationsFinlandMarine traffic information is gathered from Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s data sources. Currently open data API provides following information:
Marine warnings
Harbor schedules (gathered from the Portnet-system)
Vessel location AIS (Automatic Identification System). Additional info.
Vessel and harbor metadata
Traffic Management FinlandCustom API JSON MQTTCC-BY
National Access PointCountryDescriptionPublisherLink
Finnish national open transport service catalogFinlandThe NAP service catalogue is an open national access point, to which transport service providers are obliged to submit essential information on their services via digital machine-readable interfaces. The NAP service is part of a larger whole that aims to develop new, combined and user-friendly mobilility and information services. NAP is not intended for end users or passengers, but for transport service providers and developers.Traficom
trafficdata.seSwedenThe portal is a national service in which the Swedish Transport Administration gather information on, and provide you with access to, traffic and road network data.

In the portal the Swedish Transport Administration present data that is available in the Swedish road network, irrespective of which organisation is collecting and supplying it. You can get access to the data you are interested in and want to use by means of links to the respective supplier.
The Danish Road Directorate's National Access PointDenmark

The National Access Point (NAP) is a web portal (single point of access) for machine to machine exchange of traffic data. The data feeds found on NAP are especially targeted at traffic information service providers wanting to provide real-time updated traffic information for road users. 

The Danish Road Directorate (DRD) offers safety related traffic information and other live traffic information such as ongoing and planned roadworks and events, as well as traffic flow data for specific areas. The information is provided in XML-formats, where Datex II (Version 2) is the standard format regarding safety related traffic information.

You can subscribe to any "public" data feed found on the NAP. Some data feeds are "moderated", and you will need to await accept from the data owner before you can access the data feed.  

Data feeds are provided by DRD and other data owners, collecting and publishing safety related traffic data regarding the Danish (national) Road Network.

Danish Road Directorate is the National Access Point (NAP) for transport data in Norway. The portal is established to secure access to all open data on road infrastructure, road traffic, public transport and mobility services through one single point.Norwegian Public Roads Administration